Nerofix - What is Nerofix?

Nerofix is an European Social Network.

Nerofix is a professional service to share things that matter.

Nerofix is an interesting network to spend time with others while you are online.

Our objective is to grow further - while we stick to our maxim of "quality not quantity".

Nerofix - History of origins

Under the motto "We are building a network together" should Nerofix be the first solidarity network, which is being developed and financed from the ground up by the members themselves.
Free from outside influences, such as advertising, selling of user data, investors and lenders, lobbying and marketing, as is typically the case in other networks.
A network, where only its members determine the direction and speed of development,

Nerofix - Entstehungsgeschichte

The name "Nerofix" itself dates back to the year 2001. It was at that time created to carry all current and future projects by Carlos Mrosek under a fixed work title. Thus, the resulting Solitary network already had its name.

In early 2002, the web addresses "" and "" were registered for the first time and consistently operated ever since.

Nerofix - Financing

Since Nerofix is basically neither financed by advertisement nor by data sales, the concept of voluntary solidarity membership is the only source of income of our network. Many members already are taking part with their solidarity contributions, so the network can be continuously operated and further developed.

Nerofix - Objectives

Members are continuously involved in the design and development of the network. The Solidarity spirit is upheld and expanded. Nerofix should also well into the future represent an ever-growing alternative to networks based on sale of data and advertising.

Nerofix - a community of nice people who enrich the network with sophisticated and useful content. The network should be of value to its members and provide them with simple to use advantages of technology and the Internet.

Nerofix - Progress

After a rapid start and thus technical overload, Nerofix is thanks to its solidarity members and supporters, in Germany independently operated with high professionalism and modern technology.

Nerofix has come together and has become a large community that supports the solidarity spirit and to play an active role in the development of the network.

Nerofix - We say Thank You!

Nerofix thanks for the great support and looks forward to the future together!

Cordial thanks!