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About Nerofix

Nerofix is a free social network with the aim to bring together people without having to worry about privacy issues, data mining, advertising and other hidden agendas.
Nerofix is located in Los Angeles, U.S.A.
All data and files you are uploading to Nerofix are saved on servers in Germany and are subject to german data protection laws. You have any time complete access to your data to modify or delete any content if you wish.
Nerofix is exclusively funded by donations from our members. If you are already a member and want to support your network as well, please click here.

Data Protection and Privacy

Generally we recommend to do so. It simply looks nicer, you are taken more seriously and you will be found much easier by your contacts.
Nerofix has no interest in your personal data. It is entirely up to you, how much information you would like to provide to other members.
It is not mandatory to provide your "real name", you can also spice up your details as long as you do not offend anybody or immitate someone else's identity.
You can make your profile private by visiting the Account Privacy page.
You can block people by adding their username to your blocked users list. Visit the Account Settings page to learn more about how to block people.

Your Account

If you can't login, check to make sure that your "caps lock" key is off. Your password is CaSe SeNsItIvE. If you still cannot login, you can request to reset your password or contact us.
You can update your email address on the My Account page.
To update your profile, you must visit the Edit Profile page. You can move through the different parts of your profile by clicking the tabs at the top of the page.
Found a technical problem on Nerofix, please let us know in the group "Nerofix - Report of technical issues" and we will take care of it.
If you are absolutely sure that you want to delete your account, you can do so here. Your user account will be completely erased and can not be recovered. Please make sure that you are logged in when performing this action.

User content

In case you feel harassed by another member, you have the option to block this person. To block a member click on "more options" under their profile. You can also undo this action from there. When you block a person, he/she has no longer access to your profile and can also not contact you anymore.
You can report spam or any other inappropriate content by clicking the report button next to the content.