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Welcome to the new official company blog. Here we want to inform about any news of Nerofix Network.

Nerofix Network is a web 2.0 company focused on using the internet as a technology to advance the digital life with products on the internet and with experience since 1995. Our service range includes webdesign, graphic design, internet presentation management, and many many more.

Nerofix Network is located basically in Europe with worldwide connections to many partners, companies and friends. Our largest project is the Nerofix Network Community, available on For more info contact us.

At our community, you can find old and new friends, share photos, videos, music, post blogs and discussions, create groups and much more... We have international members from all walks of life, backgrounds, professions and ages, who are looking for others to share their experiences with.

Want to join? Just create a free account, edit your profile information and you are done! For real relationships, friendships and more, Nerofix is the place for you! Get started with your account now and be part of the community!

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