Nerofix Community Version 5 released!
Posted: 22.02.2013 - Views: 1349 - Comments: 7
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If you read this, you already see that Nerofix looks diffrent

That's correct, I just released the new Nerofix 5 version. This is the first step of some more upcoming releases for the version 5. In this first step, just some things are new, the focus was to re-write most of old code and replace it with new one, included bug fixes.

Before introducing the next update step, I will continue first cleaning up this release, there's still a bit "junk" left in the file- and database system from the old version that will not be needed anymore. Also, we are on new servers with this version, I will keep an eye on them first to see in which places there will be still posibilities to speed up everything.

After this, I will continue releasing the next update steps, coming with even more features, modern technologies (like AJAX), and updated design. You might will find some bug and errors on this release, feel free to let me know about if you found some. Anyway, ... Enjoy the new version!


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