Nerofix Community Version 2.0 Release Information
Posted: 01.07.2009 - Views: 1638 - Comments: 0
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We are coming closer ...

Nerofix Version 2.0 is now in it's last beta level and we plan to release a public beta in juli 2009, between 15th and 17th.

After the beta release, we are not adding new features anymore (only little suggestions perhaps), our main focus will be to find the last bugs and problems in our modules. We made a time frame for this until september 2009. After this, the developers will work on the upgrade script for our actual Nerofix 1.03 Version, they will also check all security and anti-spam issues, while we will start working on the design and on the new language system.

This will be the hot phase and 8 - 10 weeks later, the Nerofix 2.0 version will be released, after over one year of collecting suggestions, many discussions and development. Remember that in this version, no old code from the 1.0 version has been taken, so it will be the most modern social network script in the internet with plenty of new features and possibilities for you and your friends.

With the last beta, we are coming one more step closer ....

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