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Netblog #9

it has been a while since our last blog post. The reason is just that we are busy with all the new things coming in 2010. So, what's coming? In short listed below:

Nerofix Community v2.0
In January 2010, the new Nerofix Community Version 2.0 should be done. It will be a very, very interesting mix of the former versions 0.x and 1.x - and all our knowledge and experience of the past 8 years will be included. The code of the core and all modules has been completly rewritten and the layout has been completly new designed. The new Nerofix Community Version 2.0 is actually 98% developed, what's missing are some latest changes, browser optimization and language translations. As soon as it is ready, we will upgrade to the new Nerofix Community 2.0 Version.

Nerofix Company
In February 2010, we will set up the Nerofix Company Version 1.0 for the first time. It will be nice and informative mix of our company blog and new pages with all the service listed you can get from the Nerofix Company Network and with information about recent projects and plans. The company website is planned to put on which is actually still used by the actual Nerofix Community.

Nerofix Shop
Between February and March 2010 we will start with a new webshop where webmasters can buy interesting tools and scripts for their websites and communities, or rent special service for custom wishes. With this webshop we hope for a higher incoming to invest more into the development of our Nerofix Community Version and to furthermore keep it clean of advertisement or commercial interests. We haven't decide about the domain yet, but presumably we are going to release it on

Nerofix Gaming
Our GamesServer service will be back between January and February 2010. Internet Gaming Clans can rent a gamesserver for their team, private or public and for many games. Our high power servers for this are currently setting up, the website is also in progress. We will release the GamesServer service under the domain, you can already view a preview by clicking on the link. This service will be first released in German language only, but more languages are planned in the future.

Nerofix Support

When all the projects above are done so far, we plan in Sommer 2010 to enhance our support service to a high quality level. For all people who have questions to us or customers which need our support we will provide an intelligent new system for a coordinate corresponding. It will save your and our time and give everyone a better overview. A helpful live-chat and a professional ticket system will be also included. We will also increase the number of languages in we will give support to the people.

As you just read above, we are going to bring many of our recent projects to a close in the first half year of 2010. It wasn't easy to provide you all this, but we've been always believing in the use and success of all projects. What you get will be the modernst technology on the internet, to everone who is following us in the past, we can promise you'll feel the diffrence.

With these words and news we say good bye to the year 2009 and we will be glad to see you in 2010 again!

Thank you for reading!

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